Post: Sharpton to Pay $285K FEC Fine for 2004 Campaign Violations


The Federal Election Commission has been on Reverend Al Sharpton’s case for years, and this morning the Post reports that the Feds will soon announce a deal with the minister, whereby he will pay $285,000 in fines for illegal handling of funds in his hilarious 2004 Democratic Presidential campaign. The campaign seems to have been free-wheeling, keeping slovenly records, and taking excessive in-kind contributions like a $12,000 fundraiser donated by the Hawkins Food Group, etc. The complain was brought against Sharpton by the right-wing National Legal and Policy Center.

Sharpton retorts to the Post that “the settlement makes clear that there is no evidence of criminality or intentional wrongdoing by National Action Network, Reverend Sharpton or his campaign,” that the FEC’s original fine was reduced by about half (which the Post reported), and that the fine is hardly the “record” amount portrayed by the paper (Sharpton cites the $3.8 million paid by Freddie Mac to the FEC and the $350,000 assessed to the Bush-connected American Voter Fund).

Interestingly, while longtime Republican operative Roger Stone boasted of facilitating large loans to the Sharpton campaign, the FEC has declined to involve him in this case.