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Q&A With Cute Person Justin Tranter | Village Voice


Q&A With Cute Person Justin Tranter


Justin Tranter is a rock star (he’s lead singer of the glammy Semi Precious Weapons) AND a jewelry designer (his sexy FETTY line sells at Barneys NY and Barneys COOP). He’s ALSO a perfect subject for this widely read blog! So, in between bouts of rubbing sea kelp into my hair, I cornered his pretty self for a quick verbal give-and-take.

Here goes:

Hi, Justin. What’s with the multi-tasking?

J.T.: Hahaha! Well, I started making gun and heart necklaces to sell at band shows as merch. People freaked out for them. So I said to myself, “Self, quit your day job and sell these bitches!” So that’s what I did. I pounded glamorously on doors until Urban Outfitters bought my stuff. And then I made a fancy collection for Barneys and they bought it too! I’ve made and shipped over 100,000 pieces of jewelry in my loft and tour van. For reals! And it works out great. People who love the band find jewels, people who love the jewels find the band. I’m like P Diddy, but gorgeous, and I’m doing this way before I’m a household name.

Bravo! What’s your most vivid celebrity encounter so far?

J.T.: Oh! That would have to be last week at the final Top Shop party at The Box. Kate Moss loves my band, so she gave me a big ol’ hug, which got me into A List section. Ha! I danced it up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate. Jennifer’s face is a work of art. I mean flawless. I ended up doing the splits, obvs, which made even Simon Cowell cheer.

I’m not surprised. You have great eye makeup and can swivel your hips quite nicely. Who are your rock idols?

J.T.: Well, thank you for the compliment, darling. Tina Turner, Iggy Pop, Stevie Nicks, Beyonce, Courtney Love, and Lil’ Kim are my favs. No joke.

Who’s laughing? Most importantly of all, I’ve cleverly noticed you have a very cute boyfriend. What’s the back story?

J.T.: Yay! You must mean Jimmy Knehans. Isn’t he just the fucking best!? Yeah, he is so attractive it almost isn’t right. The back story is that he is straight, and I’m everything. But its 2009, so fuck labels. He is the best boy/friend I’ve ever had, even though we aren’t having sexy times. So I don’t really know what that means. I knew someone was going to ask me about Jimmy sooner or later, and I’m so happy you were the first to do it. Maybe one day I’ll have a clearer answer, and if I do, I’ll tell you first.

It’s a date!

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