Rev. Billy on a Roll in WSJ, at NYU and New Campaign HQ


Photo by Brennan Cavanaugh.

People are starting to refer to Reverend Billy — Mayoral candidate and longtime anti-corporatist advocate — by his full name, Billy Talen, which may be a sign that they’re taking him more seriously. The Wall Street Journal gave him a surprisingly supportive profile on Thursday, saying “It’s hard to argue against the system he envisions” of “empower[ing] small banks and credit unions that hold a stake in the communities they serve by offering incentives and making it harder for big finance to undercut local business.”

That same day the Reverend spoke at NYU as part of the school’s “Meeting the Mayoral Candidates” series, then appearing outside the Kimmel Center to tell students opposed to the “corporatization” of the New School (which some recently protested) to “keep it up.”

On Saturday the Reverend opened his new campaign headquarters at Lafayette between Prince and Spring Streets. Bloomberg’s got the money, but Billy’s got the mojo. We don’t know if that means anything anymore in this temple of Mammon and Moloch, but it’s nice to see someone shaking the pillars.


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