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24 Actress Unleashes Rightwing Ragefest


Voice blog Sound of the City — which gets to cover fun stuff like books and music, not the quotidian crap that is our bailiwick — has generated a lot of interest with its Janeane Garofalo interview, much of it abusive. “I won’t watch 24 anymore because of the smell from her mouth,” runs a typical comment. Elsewhere: “An idiot of such massive proportions,” etc.

Garofalo also did a few other interviews, making fun of teabaggers and amplifying the outrage and making her the momentary rightwing objet d’hate. President of the conservative Media Research Center Brent Bozell says Garofalo represents “the dark, the very ugly underbelly of the American Left today.”

Other tightbloggers get the message: Garofalo iz ugly!

“I notice how much better she looked, and sounded, back in 2003,” says top rightblogger Instapundit. “What happened?” His minions respond: “it was Uma the guy chased [in The Truth About Cats and Dogs], remember.” “Every time she has a scene I cringe, I keep hoping she’ll get her frackin’ ugly head blown off,” offers Agent86 at The Hull Truth.

“Janeane Garofalo is an unreconstructed, unapologetic racist,” says the Post‘s Andrea Peyser, because Garofalo is against white people. “JANEANE GAROFALO IS A FUCKING CUNT,” reasons Weasel Zippers.

Just John addresses a vinyl doll with Garofalo’s picture taped on its face about the film business: “Now I also know you did the 2008 Oscar winning movie in animation, Ratatouille. I don’t know what it is, but you seem to have an uncanny attraction to rats… I fondly remember you as The Bowler in the movie Mystery Men, which made 29 million gross with the movie budget being at 68 mill. Ooo. That had to hurt. Plus some of the critics were brutal… The film industry is garbage now. People pay a high price for movie tickets and for what? Half the time, it’s garbage,” etc.

“She would do herself a favor if she would just go ahead and dress up in the old Soviet army uniforms, march around like her hero Putin, and tell everyone who disagrees with her that they are less of a human being than she is,” offers Jeff Cheyne.

The punchline: conservative columnist Byron York says Garofalo is proof that the Left is “angry.”


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