Fiancee Defends Markoff, Leaves Up Guest Book, Drawing Unpleasant Remarks


Megan McAllister, fiancee of alleged Craigslist killer Philip Markoff, maintains her intended’s innocence as a “beautiful person” who “could not hurt a fly” in an email to Good Morning America. Police are leaking that Markoff was trying to pay off his gambling debts with the robberies.

McAllister says she still plans to marry Markoff, which may be why the Megan & Phil’s Wedding page is still up. There you can see a related change in the Guest Book messages left by visitors. They start with “I can’t wait for your wedding Megs! I’m so excited to be a bridesmaid! I love you!” and “This website is so cute!” and devolve to “We and see no reason you and he can’t go forward with the wedding so long as you’re willing to hold it at the jail. Please contact us to update your arrangement! — Boston Police Department”; “Would you mind if we took your reservation?” “MARRIOT AND CRAIGSLIST ARE THE REAL VICTIMS IN THIS MURDER,” etc. Some posters are thoughtful: “It’s ironic that the Internet enabled Philip to commit this crime and now it’s enabling us to have this voyeuristic and intrusive experience on this web site. It’s a tragedy and it’s hard to look away.” Others are consoling, though not necessarily in helpful ways: “Later on you will consider this a HUGE blessing. Your fiance is and has been a really a sick man who just messed his whole life up. You didn’t mess up yours. Thank goodness you still have your whole life ahead of you. Keep your head up girl and next time, do a background check.” Also: “‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight.’ Things will get better. Chin up, kiddo.”


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