I’m Playing Match Game Live! Again


I’m getting out my best Brett Somers hair and my curliest Charles Nelson Reilly merkin because it’s time for another Match Game Live!, the funsy game show put on by host Bern Lerman for a crowd of panting people, some of whom become wildly lucky enough to get dragged into the action. It could be you, babe, so please come down to Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery) this Sunday April 26 at 8PM and fill in my blank.

For just 10 smackers, you get hilarious celebrity panelists like:

Frank DeCaro (Sirius Radio)
Sara Benincasa (Sirius Radio)
Keith Malley and Chemda (Keith and the Girl)
And Jessica Delfino (Good Morning America)

So come on down and see how much polyester blending and bad comedy you can take!

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