Lil Wayne Gives Haters a Facelift


Tiny mini-trend #4351: Rappers getting all worked up and cold-eyed over menacing, tightly looped guitar riffs. See yesterday’s Clipse/Kanye feature “Kinda Like a Big Deal,” the spell of which isn’t at all wearing off 24 hours later, and Lil Wayne’s leak-of-the-day, FaceliftSpit,” on which he seems to have discovered the same verses-of-yore time machine Kanye broke out on “KLABD.” Maybe rock and roll relieves their boredom? Feels like a challenge? “And crazy’s what they calling me, but crazy isn’t hardly what I am/Try creatively retarded, or amazingly rewarded/Ain’t no faith in me the artist.” Which, for a random track on a Southern Smoke, is pretty ambitious, that statement: “creatively retarded” is easily a more concise and insightful way of characterizing tons of Wayne’s newer material than most of what I’ve seen written by any actual rap critic. And, like Kanye, Wayne’s not above reminding the rest of us that he knows what he’s doing, despite what everyone else thinks: “Crazy isn’t hardly what I am.”

Lil Wayne – Facelift Spit f. Kevin Rudolf [2DopeBoyz]

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