Matt and Kim, Naked–Seriously, Naked–in “Lessons Learned” Video


Dear Matt & Kim: If there was anything you could do to “push away” the cute factor, the above video for “Lessons Learned” that premiered today on MTV is it. Streaking in Times Square, ogling the tall buildings like you’re newborn aliens, and then having a cop throw Matt to the ground and wail on him–you win. You’re not cute, you’re law-breaking exhibitionists, and you will go down in history as the nudist Bonnie and Clyde. Can’t say this is going to help with the dirty fantasies, but from now they’re just going to involve Kim in knee socks.

Also, let me officially correct the record: “Lessons Learned” is probably not about doggie bags.

P.S.: For the record, this video is bad-ass. Just definitely didn’t see it coming.

Also, here’s Matt & Kim on our recurring series, Indie Cribz. They do not get naked.