Mr. Gay Philadelphia Has Been Crowned!


I just got back from Philly and boy are my arms tired! My tongue too, from it constantly dropping to the floor over the assortment of sizzling meat parading onstage for the Mr. Gay Philadelphia Pageant, which I gleefully judged along with other Gotham gays like Mickey Boardman and Will Wikle.

Representing various local businesses, the contestants served up evening wear, swimsuits, and attitude, building up to a dazzling q&a category whereby hosts Brittany Lynn and Frank DeCaro grilled them about world affairs, “Philadelphia freedom” and Susan Boyle. The winner’s answer was only so-so, but heck, he was super hot, so we gladly elevated him to the king of the Philly nellies. So congratulations, Charles–but you’re lucky I didn’t find out till afterwards that you’re a really nice guy. You wouldn’t have gotten ANY votes from us sour bitches.

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