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Photo by Star Foreman.

You’re going to love Zoe Kazan. She’s Hollywood royalty (granddaughter of Elia Kazan). She’s been on Broadway and in movies, one of which, The Exploding Girl, debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival. Melissa Anderson interviews her. You may also view Star Foreman‘s photo slideshow.

Speaking of TFF, John Anderson talked to some of the top dogs there (including Robert DeNiro) and and Melissa Anderson supplies a Tribeca Film Festival overview.

The Alan Hevesi-Hank Morris-Steven Loglisci pension fund scandal web spreads wide and Tom Robbins has followed it to former New Jersey senator Robert Toricelli and his interesting ex-wife, Susan.

Rarely does Michael Musto focus his attention on one subject, but this week he spends a whole column on Russian-born gay-porn mogul/star Michael Lucas.

At the Nokia Theatre Rob Harvilla experienced “the bizarre dichotomy of a Neko Case show: transcendent highlights that tilt heavenward undercut and often intertwined with moments where your eyes simply roll in that direction.”

Asher Roth captures the milieu of “white Wu-Tang-loving kids at leisure,” says Zach Baron.


Film: J. Hoberman on Treeless Mountain and The Informers; Scott Foundas onTyson and Fighting.

Theatre: Michael Feingold on Next to Normal, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and The Yeats Project: Program A.; Alexis Soloski on Knives and Other Sharp Objects and Red Fly/Blue Bottle; Christopher Grobe on Kernel of Sanity; Tom Sellar on the Wooster Group’s La Didone.

Music: Rob Trucks on Camera Obscura; Jason Gross on Sonic Youth and Merce Cunningham (!), and Robert Wilson at the Guggenheim.

Dance: Deborah Jowitt on Merce Cunningham and Sonic Youth (!).

Books: Zach Baron on independent press Two Dollar Radio and Bookforum‘s Cultural Obituaries series at NYPL.

Art: Robert Shuster on Andrè Ethier, Tacita Dean and R.C. Baker.

Food: Robert Sietsema on Minetta Tavern; Sarah DiGregorio on Williamsburg’s Nhà Tôi and Bêp.

Free Will Astrology, Ask a Mexican, Savage Love, Letters, etcetera.

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