This Week’s Voice: Neko Case, Asher Roth, Sonic Youth and Merce Cunningham, Tribeca Film Festival, Tyson, Lit Seen, and More


In this week’s Village Voice Music Section, Rob Harvilla joins with the rest of Neko Case’s lovestruck/dumbstruck audience.

Zach Baron on the upper-middle-class and rising rapper Asher Roth.

Rob Trucks walks down Broadway with Scottish indie-pop enclave Camera Obscura.

Jason Gross at Merce Cunningham: ‘Nearly Ninety,’ featuring John Paul Jones, Takehisa Kosugi, and Sonic Youth

In Film, the Tribeca Film Festival 2009: John Anderson on the festival’s new identity, Melissa Anderson in conversation with Zoe Kazan, and a handy guide to the films.

Elsewhere, J. Hoberman reviews the pitch-perfect child performances and teen trash spectacle of Treeless Mountain and The Informers.

Scott Foundas on Tyson, which delivers a powerful blow, and Fighting, which is pretty much down for the count.

Plus reviews of The Soloist, Il Divo, Mutant Chronicles, and more.

In Books, Zach Baron on Ohio indie Two Dollar Radio and Bookforum‘s Cultural Obituaries series at the NYPL.

In Art, Robert Shuster’s Best in Show.

In Theater, Michael Feingold on Broadway’s spring awakening, featuring Next to Normal, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and The Yeats Project: Program A.

Alexis Soloski at the Public’s Knives and Other Sharp Objects.

In Dance, Deborah Jowitt says happy birthday to Merce Cunningham.

Plus Michael Musto tells the naked truth about porn prince Michael Lucas, Ask A Mexican!, and more…

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