Times Collapsing, Clearing Way for Hacks Like Us to Rule


So what if the New York Times won five Pulitzers yesterday, adding to the warehouse of journalism awards they’ve accumulated over the past 158 years? They’re still going under. Their ad revenue dropped 27 percent in the first quarter. That’ll show them for not sharing the Pulitzer wealth with some of us eligible bloggers!

In their conference call, the Times management said they were “exploring alternative, online business models” to keep the ship afloat. This probably means more underpaid online scribes: the Wall Street Journal says that there are now more bloggers than computer programmers, and only two percent of them make a living at it (a number we find inflated, given what AdSense and Blogads pay — and that the finding was based on a survey of bloggers, who are notorious for overstating their earnings).

Like our rightwing brethren, we look forward to the day when newspapers collapse and housebound wire-biters such as ourselves are your only source of information. Say, did you know that Dick Cheney beat a bum to death with a golf club? Oh yeah? Can you prove he didn’t?

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