American Idol Top 7 Results Again: The Live-Blog


Earth Day green power. Disco medley. David Archuleta. And two eliminations (can one of them please be Danny Gokey?). This is what we have to look forward to over the next hour.

9:04pm. Paula Abdul choreographs the group number. Matt Giraud downloads himself as a ring-tone. Paula comes out to dance with the group for a sec in a super-short and fabulous sparklepuss dress and makes the craziest eyes ever.

9:06. The dance involves a lot of skipping and pointing.

9:13. The contestants go job-hunting in the Ford music video. The joke here is too obvious.

9:14. Verdicts already! No surprises here, Lil is in the Bottom Three. What does Ryan mean when he says, “We need someone like you in this competition”? Someone black? No wait! Not the Bottom Three at all–Lil is going home! She reprises “I’m Every Woman.”

9:24. Freda Payne is not having such an easy time with “Band of Gold.”

9:26. Thelma Houston is here, too. Oh, so this is the disco medley they were talking about? She’s singing “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Boobs, my gosh! Set them free! Who’s next, who’s next?

9:28. KC, as in the Sunshine Band. “Get Down Tonight.” How many times has he sung this song, do you think? And how much does he get paid every time he does it? Amazing.

9:34. More verdicts. Kris safe. Adam safe. Danny–Ryan recaps that the judges said he was clumsy last night and Ryan notes that “some of the bloggers said that was harsh.” I don’t think Ryan was reading Status Ain’t Hood.

9:40. Anoop is in the Bottom Three, totally warranted, imho. I know there is a lot of Anoop-love here, but the arrangement was ridonk, and his performance is cheesy veering on Scott MacIntyre levels.

9:41. Matt is safe! So, the choice now is between Allison and Anoop. But we won’t find out till we endure a performance by “the lovable” David Archuleta. Yeah, lovable was totally the word I was thinking of.

9:46. Seriously? Did he get smaller? Oh nooooo, Ryan asks him to give the Bottom Two advice. “There are so many opportunities. And this show gives you so many opportunities. And there are a lot of people that [unintelligible] live their dream.” Spoken like, well, David Archuleta.

9:54. Say goodbye to Anoop. Aw, he does have a good voice. Oh, well.

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