You know Jim Henson as the creator of The Muppet Show, but before he became a master puppeteer, he directed several short films including Youth ’68, a one-hour documentary set to music by the Who and Bob Dylan, about the profound social, political, and cultural changes taking place in the 1960s. Tonight is the first public screening of the film since its original broadcast. Henson conducts interviews with students, hippies, disapproving parents, academics, and musicians, among others, and intersperses dance sequences and thought-provoking quotes by such brilliant minds as Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Snoopy. The evening is part of Esopus Magazine‘s brand-new series “For Your Reconsideration,” which excavates forgotten works by well-known artists. A discussion follows the screening.

Wed., May 6, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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