Freud 101: Pinpoint The Defining Moments Of Your Childhood


Ever wonder just how you got to be the creature you are, in all of its crystalline complexity? Ever wish you could just look back at transitional moments in your past and realize how they helped shape you, rather than throw money away on a therapist who’ll take month after overpriced month to figure it out?

Well, I’m really cheap, so I’ve delved into the grab bag of my mind and come up with my own very obvious defining moments. For example:

*In fourth grade, I was chosen to wear a fancy Greek robe and lead the class in an ethnic dance. I got so much positive attention out of it that it made me relish the idea, years later, of dressing up and going to parties. Every night.

*As a young thing, I got in free to see The Sound of Music because I was with my aunt, who’s a nun. That hooked me on the comp lifestyle forever (if not necessarily on hanging with clergy people–though my aunt’s a doll).

*I was awarded a citywide prize because of my (long forgotten) talent in Spanish, winning a free trip to go to Puerto Rico and be feted there. My parents turned it down because I was too young, and ever since then, I’ve rejected some big offers, feeling unworthy or afraid of them.

And you? Celebrate the moments of your life:

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