You know things are getting bad when typically upstanding citizens like NPR’s Ira Glass, humorist Sarah Vowell, and children’s book author Jon Scieszka take jobs dealing cards at a casino in Brooklyn—which, last we heard, is still definitely illegal. A benefit for the adorable young authors in training of Dave Eggers’s youth-writing program 826NYC, the Bail-Out Casino takes your hard-earned cash and gives you “specially minted, bailout billion dollar bills” in return, so you can behave as irresponsibly as an A.I.G. boss. Then gamble at games like Blackjack, War, and Connect Four (hey, this ain’t exactly Atlantic City) to win prizes like tickets to The Daily Show or lunch and a tour of The New York Times. How do we know this isn’t just some kind of Ponzi scheme run by brilliant 12-year-old Park Slopers? We don’t. Play at your own risk.

Thu., April 30, 7 p.m., 2009

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