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What were you doing in 1995? Probably donating your flannel, surfing on Netscape, and booing the O.J. Simpson verdict—and No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom was the soundtrack to it all. The ska rockers and their quirky goddess frontwoman, Gwen Stefani (the Jean Harlow of blue hair and bindis), filled the somber post-grunge silence with the bright beat of SoCal and kept it up through two more hit records (the last 2001’s dub-spiked Rock Steady). In the subsequent hiatus, Gwen razed the solo artist and fashionista worlds and got into the familial way. But she never forgot her roots—after all, every sad song from her lips is still about the band’s bassist, former paramour Tony Kanal—so it was inevitable that they’d all reunite for a summer tour and announce an upcoming album. They’ll kick off momentum with a live performance on the Today show, a major event you can attend for the low, low price of sleep deprivation. But trust me, it’ll feel hella good to welcome them back. At 7 a.m. (arrive by 6 a.m.),

Fri., May 1, 7 a.m., 2009

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