Matt Tratner, Victim of Gotham Horror Story, Speaks Out


I recently ran a post about gay party promoter/teacher Matt Tratner, who told folks that while he was away, he found out that the friend he’d entrusted his apartment to went unhinged and destroyed and burned pretty much everything there. The story escalated to a suicide attempt, Swat teams, chaining to a bed, and other things out of a real-life CSI episode, all told with breathless by horror in a message from Matt that I’d been forwarded.

A few of you expressed sympathy to Matt and his destructive/self-destructive friend, while the great majority of cynics dissected the story and found it wanting, also wondering why it hasn’t popped up in other media.

Well, here’s an email I just got from Matt himself.


    We have met many many times… You have attended many of my events, lounges and clubs. I have no problem with you writing something about me. But I would hope that you would at least contact me for facts.

    1) I never emailed you or ANYONE about my situation. While staying with a kind friend who took me in I posted a note on my Facebook. If someone sent you my posting, I can assure you and I am SURE from the email you can see it was NOT ME.

    2) To your cynical readers… I have countless photos of the apartment, as does the 107th Precinct in Queens and Internal Affairs (Since they wanted to follow up that no unnecessary force or abuse came to a mentally ill man.) Also the apt building managers office has photos. In addition One Police Plaza also has records of the situation.

    3) At no time have I personally asked anyone for money or handouts. My friends who are ever loving and kind have done everything on their own trying to help me get my life back together.

    4) I would have no problem meeting with you to give you all the evidence needed – As you can imagine I am already very upset by my loss and it is very hurtful to think that people are drawing conclusions without all the facts.

    Here is your opportunity to contact me – I am sure I will see you at many of the same events and venues as always and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Ever grateful,

    Matt Tratner”

Well, I called and emailed Matt back and told him I would promptly post the above missive to clear things up. So shut up, you jaundiced bitches.


PS: Here are the photos that Matt has sent me. He wrote, “Notice the Swat van in the background! You can also see the EMS van on the LAWN in front of the Apt and a stretcher…If you look at the window lit up on the second floor..You can see my “Friend” in the window as described when he was cutting himself. The photos are from my neighbor…you now have her email.. SHE CAN CONFIRM THE EVENTS!!!!”

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