New York

Nerd Nite


Fact: NYC nerds are actually hotter than anywhere else. The first time Nerd Nite (a social gathering/lecture for the intellectually cool and inebriated) hosted speed dating, tickets sold out in roughly 40 minutes. The reason? Women are sick of overtly dumbass tools. So, in order to fulfill our nerd fetish, Nerd Nite is hosting speed-dating once again, of course, along with a stimulating discourse, this time on oil-paint pigment, wildflowers, and the history of sexual manuals and their authorship. The nerdy hookups will take place in between lectures, followed by the cabaret called “The Love Show.” So, what kind of women are nerds looking for? Well, according to Nerd Nite founder Matt Wasowski, “good-looking ones.” Nothing gets past these guys.

Fri., April 24, 7 p.m., 2009

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