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New Day of Hope and Progress as Diaz Wins Bronx Borough Presidency


Expectedly, Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr. won the special election for Bronx Borough President last night. What, you didn’t hear? Even though it’s a powerful office — outgoing Bronx Beep and account padder Adolfo Carrion has risen to serve in the Obama Administration — no one cares because everyone considers the Bronx a sinkhole of political corruption. On the bright side, the old guard of corrupt Bronx politics, the Rivera family, went unrepresented in the race as an expected challenge from councilmember Joel Rivera never came off. Power instead flows to the Rainbow Rebel faction of the local Democratic Party, with which Diaz has aligned himself, and to the Diaz family, headed by homophobic minister and state senator Ruben Diaz. Only Sopranos actor Anthony J. Ribustello stood against Diaz fils and was knocked cold, 87 percent to 13 percent. Old-time Bronx pol Herman Badillo bravely stood up to endorse Diaz all the way back on Friday.



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