Pics of Nha Toi’s Banh Mi


I know Eater declared banh mi “over,” but in my opinion, the banh mi fad is that rare thing: a trend that actually results in an increase in delicious, affordable food. This week, my column reviews Bep and Nha Toi, two new Vietnamese spots in Williamsburg. Bep serves pho, bun and other simple dishes in addition to it banh mi, and Nha Toi concentrates more on the sandwiches, adding an assortment of summer rolls on the side. Here are some pictures of Nha Toi’s offerings.

The classic cold cut-pate banh mi: That’s headcheese and pork roll, and check out the little bird’s eye chile–instead of sriracha or sliced jalapenos, Nha Toi just gives you one of those suckers to nibble on.

More photos after the jump.

Banh mi with seared basa fish.

Banh mi with braised beef

Pho banh mi: stuffed with the makings of pho like fatty brisket, sprouts, basil and hoisin sauce.

Banh mi with gelatinous shreds of pork skin, roast pork and roasted rice powder.

Summer rolls. From left: shrimp/bacon, Chinese sausage, shredded pork skin/pork/rice powder.

Nha Toi
160 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn 718-599-1820

346 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn (Mondays only)

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