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Quick Hits – 4/22/2009


The way we see it, you can never have enough Nick Cannon and Spongebob Squarepants at the Empire State Building.

Yeesh, that Craigslist Killer suspect is getting his laundry aired out: now they tell us he kept his victims’ underwear, along with his gun (!), in a hollowed-out Gray’s Anatomy. Also, some folks thought he “gave off a creepy vibe,” and he was a College Republican.

We finally got the new Savage Love on the site. It defines teabagging!

Twitter has other uses: the Times asks, “Can Iraqis Tweet their way to a state of normalcy?” Sure, it’s perfect for short messages like “AIIEEEEE!” and “Help me, I am starving.”

One more Twitter thing: there’s a Pataki2010 account. It’s volcano hot.

Ha ha, Hillary pwned Cheney. Go cry in your bunker, bitch.

Oops, we’re being profane and uncivil. Here’s something even we can’t dirty up: a city councilman is introducing legislation to make the Newtown Pippin our official New York City Apple. It originated in Elmhurst, apparently.



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