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“Serb Thug”‘s Beating Victim Speaks, Doesn’t Recall Incident


Bryan Steinhauer, the kid beaten into a coma by “Serb thug” Miladin Kovacevic in Binghamton, New York, is apparently conscious now and gave a news conference this morning. He spoke “haltingly,” said he didn’t remember the attack, and described himself as “a normal guy stuck in a bad situation who kept a positive attitude.” Though not completely recovered, he’s happy that he didn’t have to “come here in a wheelchair and spell out my words on an alphabet sheet.”

Earlier this year Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cut a deal with the Serbian government to get the Steinhauer family $900,000 in lieu of insisting on extradition for Kovacevic (for which the U.S. has no treaty with that government anyway). The Broome County District Attorney, who had originally refused to release his papers on the case to the Serbian authorities, recently relented, and Kovacevic is expected to be tried there.


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