A graphic-novelist trifecta, this PEN World Voices Festival event titled An Afternoon With Graphic Novelists From Around the Globe features three not-to-be-missed panel discussions with some of the genre’s biggest names. At 1, Neil Gaiman, creator of the Sandman series and Coraline, discusses imagination, inspiration, and creativity; at 2:30, Jonathan Ames moderates the event “1,000 Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling” with Emmanuel Guibert from France, David Polonsky from Israel, and Shaun Tan from Australia; and at 4:30, Adrian Tomine (author of Shortcomings) hosts a conversation with Yoshihiro Tatsumi, a Japanese cartoonist widely credited with coining the term gekiga to define a more sophisticated style of comic books for adults.

Sat., May 2, 1 p.m., 2009