Under Review–Minetta Tavern Takes on a Greasy New Role; It’s Tapas Time for Bruni


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema fattens up nicely at Minetta Tavern, while Sarah DiGregorio checks out the Williamsburg banh mi scene at Bep and Nhe Toi.

Bruni gets his tapas on, awarding two stars to “expressly Spanish” La Fonda del Sol and one star to the at times “memorable,” at times “ridiculous” Txiquito.
[NY Times]

The New Yorker pays a visit to Walter Foods in an increasingly chi-chi Williamsburg, where the filet mignon “was charred to such perfection that it seemed to challenge Peter Luger, not far away, to a steak throwdown.”
[New Yorker]

New York awards a whopping four stars to Piedmontese wine bar Sorella for its tasty not-so-small plates and weekly changing trio of entrees.
[NY Magazine]

TONY drops in on “the sequels” or outposts of popular eateries Shake Shack, Boqueria, Fatty Crab and ‘inoteca, which, for the most part, measure up to the originals.

Restaurant Girl gives Fatty Crab UWS four stars, praising its newest dishes, such as scallop satay, “skewered with house-cured lard,” and Hokkien Mee, “a sweet soy and black vinegar-glossed feast of steak, shrimp, cockles and egg noodles.”
[NY Daily News]


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