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Earth Day Prompts Green Talk; Big Ag No Fan of White House Garden | Village Voice


Earth Day Prompts Green Talk; Big Ag No Fan of White House Garden


A new study shows that the more choice we have, the more likely we are to opt for unhealthy foods. Fries or salad? Er, what do you think? [CBC]

Michelle Obama has incurred the wrath of Big Agriculture by aligning herself with the locavore movement. The Mid-America CropLife Association (MACA) wrote a letter to the First Lady pointing out the role of industrial agriculture in feeding the country’s population. [London Times]

Brooklyn hot dog vendors are feeling the sting of the economic crisis. Top vendors report a nearly 50 percent drop in business since August. Part of the problem is so many people bringing their lunches from home to save money. [NY Daily News]

Cooking Green author Kate Heyhoe advocates the use of toaster ovens, induction cooktops and tea kettles in order to shrink one’s “cookprint” or the carbon footprint created by cooking. [Washington Post]

Michael Pollan calls for a change in how we farm. “If we want to make significant progress in reducing global warming we will need to wean the American food system off its heavy 20th-century diet of fossil fuel and put it back on a diet of contemporary solar energy,” he says. [Huffington Post]


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