If You Found a CD-R with Islands MP3s on the C Train Tuesday, Please Smash It With a Hammer Immediately


Ah, poor Nick Thorburn. In an era when your own mom would just as soon leak your record for ten bucks and a free YouSendIt upgrade, the Islands frontman left an entire data CD of the band’s new record, unmastered, on the C Train Tuesday. “W tee eff is wrong w me?” he lamented via Twitter. Even more unfortunate, he’d originally (and perhaps, a little paranoid-seeming initially) titled the MP3s “Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb” to thwart prospective thieves, but changed the ID tags to “Islands” earlier that day. Thorburn’s manager, fortunately, took it well: “He sez, ‘At least it wasn’t on the L train.'”

If you do find this record and leak it, the Hipster Grifter will come in your sleep and steal your iPhone. So don’t.

[Nick Thorburn’s Twitter]