Korean Tacos at Seoul Station


Earlier today, Eater reported that Seoul Station has started selling Korean tacos, along similar lines as the ones sold at the cultish Kogi trucks in LA. Kogi is supposedly opening a truck or stand in New York at some point, but I thought I’d run over to Seoul Station to see what was what.

(Meanwhile, the owner of the Kogi trucks wrote to Eater, responding to some commenters who implied the Seoul Station versions are a rip-off, saying in part, “Dude, there are more than enough Korean tacos to go around. I mean, why hate, when we can aLL appreciate?” Dude, indeed, indeed.)

The notion of Korean tacos isn’t so far-fetched–if bulgogi is good wrapped in lettuce with chile paste, it’s probably good on a tortilla with salsa and/or other spicy condiments. It’s a pretty logical fusion food.

The tacos (above) at Seoul Station are $2.50 each and come with beef or pork bulgogi. That’s pork to the left and beef to to the right. Each was garnished with lots of diced white onion and cilantro, and a fairly bland salsa. The pork is definitely the better of the two–the brick orange marinade is spicy, garlicky and just a little bit sweet. In the nicely griddled tortilla, it was delicious. The beef just tasted sweet–I realize that beef bulgogi is usually marinated in a milder mix, including sweet Asian pear, but this one was one-dimensional, and the beef was weirdly raggedy. Still, not bad. A fun addition to the neighborhood.

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