Major Lazer Wins


Take it on good faith that we took a real shot a resisting this. Too easy, too readymade, too packaged, too 2004, too loud, too famed-up, too many horse neighs, not enough horse neighs, horse neighs are really unfuckwithable when you think about it…and there you go. The first song Major Lazer–the alias DJs Diplo and Switch donned when they went to Jamaica to make a dancehall pastiche in the tradition of Favela on Blast and Wesley Pentz’s other excursions into semi-exotic non-American parts of the globe–put out, “Hold the Line,” resembled nothing so much as a highly danceable air-raid siren: Dick Dale, cash registers, cellphone rings, bottles breaking, giggling, Santigold chanting, dial tones, busy signals. For all the overload, it was a thrillingly tense, precise piece of music. Not unlike the album preview mix “Lazer Boom 1,” which Diplo just let go over at RCRD LBL. Further realms explored? Black Flag’s “Six Pack,” babies-crying-as-percussive-elements, stretches of huge, dubbed-out bass, white nerd voices, parade brass, shticky odes to marijuana, drumline percussion, Black Flag’s “Six Pack” (we’ll say that one again), Vybz Kartel, and about ten or fifteen sounds we’ve yet to even identify. There’s just too much to like. [h/t The Fader]

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