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More Twitter Fun: Twanalysis | Village Voice


More Twitter Fun: Twanalysis


They tell us Twitter is still a thing, so here’s something to fun up our lonely deskbound lives: Twanalysis, which checks your tweets and tells you what kind of online personality you present. Here’s what the Village Voice stream gets: “Personality: renowned inquisitive fair. Style: chatty academic. ROBOT.” Hmmph! Let’s see what other esteemed twits get: THE_REAL_SHAQ: “Personality: renowned inquisitive vain. Style: garrulous coherent. CELEBRITY.” Larry King: “Personality: renowned sociable vain. Style: chatty coherent. CELEBRITY.” Hey, switch out “chatty” for “inquisitive,” and Jake Tapper‘s the same as Larry King! No wonder journalism sucks. Okay, time to try a ringer — the Blue Whale at the Museum of Natural History. OMG he gets the same reading as Jake Tapper! Maybe 140-word bursts aren’t enough to define a personality. Or maybe celebrities and other mammals have more in common than we thought.


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