Rightblogger: Don’t Call Obama a Socialist — Socialist Americans Might Like Him More


President Obama today announced his support for credit card legislation moving through Congress, which would trim some of the tricks such companies use to keep unfortunate users in eternal indentured servitude. He’s going to meet with credit card executives, hopefully to lay down the law. This is of course more Obama socialistic socialism, even more so than his “Socialist Soul Brother Hand Clasp” with Hugo Chavez (“Obama is envious of the job Castro has done in Cuba”), and some Republicans have been pushing their national chairman Michael Steele to join them in calling Obama a socialist, which Steele, to their chagrin, has been reluctant to do, preferring the epithet “collectivist,” which is not nearly as much fun.

Writing at the website of top conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, Doug Powers understands Steele’s difficulty: “Not because it’s an inaccurate description,” he assures his readers, but because “Only 53% of Americans think that capitalism is better than socialism. That’s a pretty close tipping-point. In other words, we could be approaching the time when calling Barack Obama a ‘socialist’ becomes nothing more than positive image campaign advertising for… Barack Obama. So there’s that to consider.”

We’ve come a long way when even a primary wingnut site admits its fellow citizens are too socialist to heed their baleful cries. Maybe they should go back to calling Obama a fascist. It won’t draw more independent voters to them, but we’re beginning to get the impression that’s not the point anyway.