The Food Section Takes Cease-and-Desist with a Grain of Salt


Josh Friedland of The Food Section was “perplexed” and “annoyed” at the New York Times‘ letter he received demanding that he stop using the slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Eat,” a play on the Times‘ tagline. As he points out, he isn’t the only who has ever riffed on the famous tag line. (Witness the books All the News That’s Fit to Sell, All the Math That’s Fit to Print, and the song All the News That’s Fit to Sing).

But the blogger admits, “That the Times would take this little one-man operation so seriously that it would marshal its legal department against my alleged ‘dilution’ of its brand tells me that the New York Times is paying attention to The Food Section, and that’s a good thing. In a backhanded way, it’s really very flattering.”

We think it’s a shame that the Times would get their panties in a twist about an obvious parody under the guise of trademark infringement. Food Section commenters seem to agree:

“blech on you, new york times.”

“are they saying Your parody is Their intellectual property? sheesh. I’m no laywer but have a feeling you would NOT lose this ‘case’ if it ever actually went anywhere.”

“Maybe the Times might prefer things if you changed your slogan to ‘All the Food That’s Fit to Charge Too Much For.'”

So, Josh, what will be your tagline now?

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