The Secret’s Out–Sherry Society Coming to a Back Room Near You


You’re induction into the secret society will go something like this: You’ll receive an invitation telling you where and when to convene. You’ll arrive, be greeted with a cocktail, and led down a flight of stairs or perhaps a darkened hallway to a secret room where others share your enthusiasm.

We attended the inaugural meeting of the Secret Sherry Society last night, held in the wine cellar at WD-50. The cocktail was a delightfully balanced concoction of Manzanilla, Plymouth gin, sweet and dry vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters. And the meeting, attended by Gourmet, Food & Wine and Tasting Table among other food media, consisted of a pairing of Wylie Dufresne’s chemically devised dishes with sherries that ran the gamut from tart and dry fino to syrupy molasses PXs.

“In the US, you have to tell people that sherry can be dry,” Cesar Saldana of the Consejo Regulador of Jerez told us. “In Spain, you have to convince people it can be sweet.”

The Secret Sherry Society is actually not a secret society at all but an effort to educate the American drinking public on how to enjoy sherry (with food, silly!). It will host tastings, as well as offer cocktail recipes and pairing ideas. And in case Wylie’s dad isn’t around to remind you that what you’re knocking back is 15% alcohol fortified wine (as he was last night), we recommend that you make a habit of drinking lots of water upon your induction.


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