Vegetarian (and Vegan!) Delights of NYC–Ackee Patty


Ackee (Melicoccus bijugatus) is an evergreen native to West Africa. The three-seeded fruit of this tree, also known as ackee, came on the slave ships to Jamaica in the late 18th century. The fruit must be boiled before eating to destroy a toxin present in the yellow flesh, which is particularly enjoyed in Jamaica. When cooked, the fruit resembles scrambled eggs and has a mild taste that serves as a perfect foil for other flavors. Ackee could serve as a perfect substitute for scrambled eggs in various vegan recipes. At Jamaican Pride Bakery in Brooklyn, the foremost baker of Jamaican patties in the borough, an ackee patty is available, wherein the filling has been flavored with herbs and scotch bonnet peppers, imparting a pleasant burn. 731 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-462-9751

Ackee patty from Jamaican Pride Bakery

Close up of the ackee filling, showing its resemblance to scrambled eggs. Actually, it also looks an awful lot like George Washington.

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