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Wikipedia: Baldwin a “Potential” Candidate for Mayor


This is a new one on us: Wikipedia currently lists Alec Baldwin as one of the Democratic contenders for Mayor of New York in 2010, albeit a “potential” one. Their cite is a Bitten and Bound story from May of last year, which said the 30 Rock actor “has political aspirations.” That seems rather thin, even by their standards. Closer to evidence is a post by Ellyn Canfield in September of that same year, in which the authoress claimed Baldwin approached her NYU Professor, Mitchell Moss, and told him “that he wanted to run for mayor of NYC on the platform of moving Yankee Stadium to Ground Zero. Mitchell Moss told him not to.” In 1995 the Daily News said Baldwin was considering a run against then-Senator Al D’Amato, but a lot of water’s gone under the bridge since then. Baldwin’s criticized Bloomberg’s third-term ambitions, but we’re unaware that he has offered to take him on himself. We would be happy to be corrected on this.

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