Cartoon-Inspiring Rooster Faces Extinction & A New Diet for Smartypants


Dole has managed to get two lawsuits involving Nicaraguan banana workers who claim a pesticide used in the 1970s made them sterile thrown out of court because of lawyer misconduct during the recruitment of plaintiffs for the case.

The bird that inspired Foghorn Leghorn is among 66 types of old-fashioned chickens that face extinction. Industrialized agriculture has led to more than 95 percent of vegetables disappearing, and fears are that the chickens could face the same end.
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The New York City health department is pursuing its war on salt by meeting with food producers and restaurants to discuss reducing salt in processed and prepared foods like soup, pasta sauce, salad dressing and bread.
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Intellectuals now have their own diet. Developed by a professor of both nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts, the Instinct Diet aims to retrain dieters’ brains to want healthy food that tastes good. Instead of Pop-Tarts, the diet suggests baked apples with figs.

High-end restaurants continue to fail, but David Burke’s upscale establishments flourish under a program of huge discounts. His promotions have included $20.09 three-course meals featuring oysters and lobster, and expensive wines up for bargain.
[Wall Street Journal]


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