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Grisly Evidence from Matt Tratner, Party Promoter in Gotham Horror Story


I felt compelled to go to Matt Tratner‘s AIDS benefit bash at Aspen last night, partly to go face to face with Matt and find more evidence of the story I’ve been running here: You know, that while Matt was away, the friend who was housesitting for him went mental and destroyed eveything and tried to kill himself, leading to a parade of police cars and ambulances.

Many of you have been unkind in your comments, suggesting that this whole thing is a con or a spin. Well, the second I got there, I ran into Matt outside, who promptly led me to a computer and showed me an array of photos from the scene. In the shots, there was blood everywhere and disrupted belongings and broken glass. It was like something out of a Stephen King movie. One photo showed a messed-up room which had a picture of Matt himself on the table–which he reminded me was proof that it was his apartment. And there was an especially icky scene in the kitchen, where the stove was a mess, the guy having succeeded in breaking it to rip the gas out and try to blow up the whole building.

We are having trouble uploading the photos at the moment, but I really did see them and will post them as soon as that becomes possible.

What say you now, bitches?

PS: Here are the photos, people. There’s one of the blood-splattered bathroom and one of the horrifically messy kitchen. Discuss.

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