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Lance Armstrong’s Twitter Misadventure


Lance Armstrong’s clavicle continues to mend, and today he spent a long seven hours in the saddle, preparing for his return to racing next month in Italy.

Happy with the results of his workout, he tried to share a couple of videos of his ride with his 700,000 Twitter followers — people who have signed up to get his periodic (and often very personal) updates.

But after posting two messages with links to videos, Armstrong realized two things: the videos weren’t working, and when his followers followed the links, they found Lance’s personal e-mail address ( listed in an error message.

Armstrong then sent out this tweet: “doh. videos don’t work and my email address just went out to 700k of y’all. ha!”

Apparently, it didn’t take much prodding for many of those fans to begin inundating Armstrong with e-mail messages.

“i’d love to respond to all of these emails coming in but there’s no way!!” Lance soon posted…

About an hour later, he sent this out: “That was the most interesting hour I’ve had since I started tweeting. Classic.”

But there was one question that apparently many of Lance’s followers were asking him. What did the “JP” stand for in his e-mail address?

“Btw, JP mean Juan Pelota,” he explained.

“Juan Pelota” is also the name of the coffee shop in Armstrong’s Austin, Texas bike shop (Mellow Johnny’s) and a name that Armstrong has also reportedly used to check into hotels with some anonymity.

You can probably guess what it refers to. “Pelota” is Spanish for “ball,” and since his bout with cancer back in 1996, Lance has lived with only one of his family jewels. Ergo, “Juan Pelota.”

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