Lemmy from Motorhead Keeps Fit By Drinking Jack & Coke and Sex


Our brethren over at the LA Weekly put out their annual People Issue this week. In addition to an entertaining (and frankly endearing) discourse on how Drew Barrymore loves the word fucking — as in “I fucking love cassettes” — and how Aziz Ansari’s Parks and Recreation character is modeled on Dane Cook (“[He’s] basically this terrible comedian audiences love”), there’s an amusing, albeit succinct, piece on Lemmy Kilmister. A few highlights.

Lemmy doesn’t like movie theaters.

“You can’t smoke and you can’t stop the movie and go get a sandwich, so I wait till they come out on video.” He recently enjoyed The Last King of Scotland.

Lemmy doesn’t do restaurants.

“I don’t like people’s table manners,” he says. “That really puts you off eating food.”

But Lemmy does work out:

He looks taut and fit for a man of 62, but admits that just climbing the stairs to the second-story lair at his local bar, the Rainbow, has him out of breath.

“I gotta get back on the road,” he says, sitting down in the club’s upstairs hideaway, lighting up (yes, inside), with the first Jack and Coke of the day at his side.

“That’s how I stay in shape. That,” he adds, “and sex.”

To which we say, \m/.

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