The Blogroll Gazette–Restaurant Girl on The Chopping Block & The Phil Ward Tequila Trip Continues


This week in blogs…

Eat Me Daily took a break from its break to react to Danyelle Freeman (aka Restaurant Girl’s) appearance on The Chopping Block. Apparently, she showed up “wearing at first a ridiculously situation-inappropriate strapless cocktail dress, and then a ridiculously situation-inappropriate spaghetti-strap cocktail dress. (Confidential to DF: next time, bra plzkthx.)”
[Eat Me Daily]

Grub Street takes a look at Mayahuel’s bar menu of “Oaxacan fusion” dishes. The full menu won’t be available until mid-May, but botanas (“exciting sharable bites made to amuse and stimulate”) are available beginning this today.
[Grub Street]

The obsession with Phil Ward’s new tequila and mezcal venture continues on Diner’s Journal with a Q&A with the drinks maker himself. (“Q: Would you consider opening a joint in Toronto? A: I’m up for opening a bar anywhere. This isn’t a job its a mission… I never want to see another light beer or flavored spirit watered down with soda pop. I’d open a bar on the moon for astronauts if NASA would fund it.”)
[Diner’s Journal]

The Feedbag reveals the top 12 finalists in Artisanal’s grilled cheese competition being held on Facebook. In the lead: Alex Fletcher’s manchego with caramelized onions and sliced pear.
[The Feedbag]

The Feed reports the latest on Jacques Torres’ Hershey trademark infringement debacle The chocolatier is inviting people to his shops to sample his champagne kiss and decide whether it’s anything like Hershey’s Kisses.
[The Feed]

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