After Queens Explosion, Mayor Comforts Con Edison


Mayor Bloomberg has a priorities list on which you and us rank, oh, somewhere around #67. Much higher up, between “Useless Kennedys” and “The Boys Back at the Racquet and Tennis Club,” is Con Edison. After the last blackout, you may recall, Bloomberg defended the power company’s appalling slowness to restore power in parts of Queens. When the Public Service Commission fined Con Ed $9.3 million for that malfeasance, Bloomberg said it was a great injustice. This weekend a gas explosion destroyed a home and killed a woman in Queens, shortly after a Con Ed rep found high levels of free-floating gas. The woman’s family, local columnists, and councilmember Eric Gioia were outraged by the incident; the Mayor rushed to comfort Con Ed. “Jumping to any conclusion,” the Daily News reports his fragmentary defense, “it may be just one of those things, an accident, that happens.” The dead woman, Ghanwatti Boodram, was 40 and leaves three sons.