Rightbloggers Pee Their Pants Over 4/27 — Never Forget!


Everyone’s still pissed off about that government flyover in New York today; even the Mayor is bitching about it. We still think it was a top-secret mission on which the fate of the free world depended, about which our heroic leader, for national security reasons, cannot inform us, and that it shows the President in a Jack Bauer, steely-eyed rocket-man light, suffering the abuse of the uncomprehending public as he shoulders the burden of responsibility alone.

Yet rightbloggers, who were once upon a time all about the Secret Missions to Keep Us Safe, are not cutting him any slack. “Why on earth did our President do this to us?” wails RedState’s Francis Cianfrocca, perhaps unaware that the President was not piloting the plane, nor even on board. “Was he just plain thoughtless? Or was the insensitivity willful?” RedState commenters do what they do best: “When I heard the first report on Fox this morning, my blood frooze, too,” says one such patriot, “And I’m more than 1,000 miles from New York.” These heartlanders terrorize easily!

Our favorite response so far has come from Stop the ACLU, who promulgate the story that “President Photo-op allowed his plane to buzz Manhattan,” and that “the markets started dropping a bit right about the time the jets passed. Whether that was coincidence, no one knows.” Much as we love the idea of stock jobbers yelling SELL! SELL! as a 747 looms over Wall Street, we understand there’s a worldwide swine flu epidemic that might have something to do with it.

Right Pundits says, “I guarantee you half of New York will file a class action lawsuit against the government claiming that they suffered severe emotional distress from the incident.” Actually, as New Yorkers’ general pattern of behavior during an actual airborne attack showed, we’re not the pants-wetting type — in contrast, we will add, to you hayseeds. Have you forgotten? Never forget! Weep, eagle, weep!