Rightbloggers Protest the Incivility of Their Gay Treasonous Douchebag Opposition


Last week Michelle Malkin wrote a column, which she also published at her site, called “$%^&*!!: Civility and tolerance in the Age of Obama.” Her theme was that liberals were uncivil and intolerant; also, mean and profane. Her primary example was the comments of gossip blogger Perez Hilton, not known heretofore as a political operative, but elevated to liberal spokesman for his baiting of, and swearing at, Miss California Carrie Prejean in the recent Miss USA controversy.

(Prejean, meanwhile, has as a result of Hilton’s gay-marriage grilling enjoyed extensive media attention, including a rumored relationship with Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps, and gigs, so we’d say she’s bouncing back okay from the debacle.)

Malkin also cited an unfortunate student protest that prevented former congressman Tom Tancredo from speaking at the University of North Carolina — a real free-speech issue — but also unkind things said on TV and the internet about “teabaggers” and by Janeane Garofalo. Her main complaint is that liberals enlist a “media mob of racists and vulgarians” against their opponents and that “civility and tolerance have taken a left-hand turn down a one-way street.”

As Malkin is a major rightblogger, we find it hard to believe that she had not noticed before what a rough crowd gathers on the internet. Take, for example, the rightblogger consortium Ace of Spades, a site Malkin has called “one of my daily must-reads.” Recently its proprietor, lately cut loose by former funders Pajamas Media, explained to posters new usage guidelines required by his attempts to attract sponsors.

“The occasional profanity is fine, especially if it’s humorous, but watch out for the really tough ones…” he told them. “Look, ‘douchebag,’ ‘fuckweasel,’ ‘cockholster,’ ‘pooter’… all that stuff is fine.” Also, “If you want to say Nancy Pelosi is a rotten lying hag, then do so; calling her the c-word is doubly disadvantaged: On one hand, it’s just generic vulgarity, and so it actually isn’t as insulting and descriptive as ‘rotten lying hag.'”

There’s plenty of douchebagging and cockholstering to go around, of course, but the behavior of leftbloggers, as Jed Leland once said, happily is no concern of this department. We content ourselves with the ongoing festival of bad faith on the other side of the aisle, and last week’s was just as lively as any other.

Take, for example, the continuing fallout from release of memos relating to the government’s use of torture against War on Terror detainees. Rightbloggers generally favored what they prefer to call “enhanced interrogation” — citations are so numerous as to be unnecessary, but this will do — and agreed that by releasing the memos the President was trying to deliver America into the hands of terrorists.

“When I think Obama can’t possibly go any lower, he does,” said Freedom Eden. “Obama is playing politics with the safety of the American people. He’s putting the country at risk… He’s a sleazy politician, a puppet, not a leader with strong principles… Obama is a wimp,” etc.

“I think what’s most inconvenient for Obama right now, though, is the fact that the interrogation techniques actually worked,” said Say Anything. “And that if you’re the leader who stops their use, you may also be the the leader who lets thousands die because you weren’t willing to pour some water on the face of a committed jihadi to get him to talk.”

Tent Trash called Obama “a complete and total Hypocrite” because, while retroactively coddling terrorists, he “supports partial birth abortion. Yes, the insidious and evil practice of delivering a healthy, normal human being, cracking the baby’s skull open and vacuuming out its brain.” Tent Trash then called Obama “a hypocrite, moral leper and an under qualified junior college professor” and concluded, “because of white guilt, electoral stupidity, affirmative action and other mindless people, we got exactly what we voted for.” To his credit, he didn’t use any swear words.

Right Wing News went deeper, attributing all this fuss about so-called torture to psychiatry, specifically its “spread through popular culture in the 1970s,” in consequence of which “women who had escaped Cambodia’s killing fields and women dealing with suburban angst were treated as sufferers of exactly the same magnitude in pop culture parlance.” This is news to us, as it may be to you, but explains to RWN’s satisfaction why some people think waterboarding is torture: “If someone is made unhappy, it must be torture, right?”

But there were other, more important reasons to be angry at Obama. For instance, he recently played golf. “We have a health crisis unfolding in this country and Obama is on the golf course!” roared Freedom Eden. “These images should come back to haunt Obama.” Actually Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has declared the swine flu outbreaks a public health emergency — but, as U.S. infections have so far been relatively mild, she hasn’t called for mandatory testing of incoming travelers, which has some rightbloggers angry. “Why is the Secretary of Homeland Defense NOT taking proactive measures to screen or test passengers arriving an U.S. ports from Mexico and attempting to shut down border crossings before a major outbreak occurs in the United States,” demanded One Citizen Speaking. He then took time to throw in some random slurs: “She fits the classic profile of a democrat nominee for high political office: a democrat, a woman and a lawyer. In addition, many compare her to a previous Administration democrat, Janet Reno. And like the other Janet, questions continue to swirl through the political community about her sexuality.”

Of course, if the Administration did implement mandatory testing, this would probably excite more imputations of fascism. Those are still rolling in, by the way. Munz’ Place directs us to a claim that Napolitano’s recent report on rightwing extremists “labels and classifies all US citizens who oppose him, voted or plan to vote for 3rd party candidates, display bumper stickers recommending said 3rd party candidates or are pro-life (therefore anti-abortion) as ‘right-wing extremists.’ This is only one of an ever-increasing number of Obama attacks against the First Amendment.” This too is something we missed in the original, no doubt biased reports. Munz further informs us that “the countdown to the end of our nation as a democratic republic and its reestablishment and reemergence as a totalitarian state controlled and run by the Communo-Fascist elite is underway.”

And let’s not forget the liberal gay menace to which Malkin earlier alerted us. Rightbloggers wrung out the Carrie Prejean incident: the Sonoran Alliance discoursed on “HOMO-FASCISM” (“Gay activists are thoroughly committed to forcing society to accept their abnormal behaviors”). “You couldn’t really expect someone with her head screwed on as straight as Prejean’s to get a warm reception in the cesspool moonbats have made out of Hollywood,” said Moonbattery. agent of chaos took the novel approach of criticizing Miss USA winner Kristen Dalton for not opposing gay marriage (“If you told the world this morning you did not believe in gay marriage either you would be out on the street with your fake blonde hair and probably crying because you lost your crown”). Outraged Richard was mad that Donald Trump “Let Fag Perez Hilton Disgrace Miss USA Carrie Prejean with Sexual Filth.” Others focused on culprit Hilton: “I hope he gets hit by a bus! Better yet, contract AIDS! His parents should just commit suicide knowing they made this faggot what he is!” “Never Let a Faggot Judge a Beauty Contest,” etc.

To further demonstrate the dangers posed to this country by its liberal fifth column, Dr. Sanity created a handy chart explaining how American liberals are “on the same side politically” with Islamic terrorists. The chart has many arrows; one series connects “Classic Marxist Socialism” to classic Communist failures to realize same, and then some unnamed genius’ idea to “Change ETHICAL standard” “from ‘wealth is good’ to ‘wealth is bad,'” thus causing “Left Environmentalism,” with an explanatory “Technology is bad; humans are destroying earth; Al Gore’s recent crusade.”

“So,” concluded the Doctor after this dazzling display, “is it any wonder that the political left has made common cause with Islam’s fanatics? They have united in hate with America’s foes, because America is all that stands between them and their respective utopian dystopian visions.”

Shortly thereafter the Doctor updated: “Unfortunately, I will have to close the comments on this post because of the infestation of incivility and abuse that ‘progressive’ types specialize in. You should see my emails! A testament to the hatefest of the left.”

Imagine, liberals becoming uncivil and abusive just because an internet doctor conclusively showed with an illustration that they were all traitors. There really is just no reasoning with some people.