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Spam Worth Reading, Probably Not Eating


Spam is trying to get the young poors on board, with marketing that tries to harness the product’s own kitsch factor to its advantage. To whit: a new “signature recipe collection” dubbed “Crazy Tasty,” that also features haiku-like prose poems to go along with the not-so-tasty-sounding recipes.

The can we have here in the office features a recipe for “Crazy Tasty” Spam quesadillas on the back. The recipe, if you really need to know, goes like this: flour tortillas, plus diced Spam, plus Monterey Jack cheese, heated in a pan, topped with salsa and guac.

The kitschy, almost creepy prose that goes with the recipe is much more interesting.

“Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this recipe. Yes, it is easy to make, but the flavor is complicated and exotic. Like something that fills your senses and pulls at your heart-strings and then flies away, wanting to be chased. And you will chase it, oh yes, you will.”

I am assuming that each can that features a “Crazy Tasty” recipe on the back (there are five in the “collection”) will also feature a different poem. Honestly, this makes me want to buy more Spam. Mission accomplished, Hormel Foods!

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