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Fuck Netflix!


I’ve enjoyed assuming the role of a bitter Luddite and screeching stuff out my window like “Fuck Facebook!” and “Screw you, Twitter!” It’s fun to play the part of a crusty Yosemite Sam type who hates any kind of technological advance that messes with the status quo of communications and entertainment.

So you knew it was a matter of time before I knotted up my forehead and shrieked: Fuck you, Netflix!

I actually loved video/DVD stores! I savored the idea of picking out a movie because I was in the mood for one, and deciding just what type of film I wanted at that very moment. With Netflix, you have to order at least a business day in advance and wait for it to come, so you’re forced to become a sort of psychic who’s supposed to guess what you and your friends might feel like watching on Friday. (And yes, I know certain films can be streamed immediately onto your computer. I prefer not to look at that screen for entertainment, if you don’t mind.)

For years, Kim’s Video on St. Marks Place was my home, a gem-filled shrine to cinema where I could scour the shelves and get whatever old movie I wanted quickly and for only $1.25! When it closed, I traipsed over to the West Village Kim’s, where they don’t have nearly as good a selection, plus they don’t honor the other Kim’s’ (free) memberships because “We’re independently run.” They wanted $20 to start a new membership!

So I might be forced to join the Netflix army by default. At least they have tons more titles than any video store could ever stock. But how do you get over the frustration of having to pre-plan your movie watching? Just because I’m craving The Wicker Man right now doesn’t mean I want any part of it tomorrow!

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