Jeff Nelson’s Own Personal First Minor Threat EP: Pay No More Than $1,125.00


Jeff Nelson, the drummer for Minor Threat and co-founder, with Ian MacKaye, of Dischord records, is offloading some junk, apparently. To wit, an “Absolutely MINT condition copy of 1st pressing of Minor Threat’s 1st 7” EP, released in June 1981. Dischord No. 3. Only 1,000 copies made of 1st pressing. Black vinyl record, yellow labels, in white paper inner sleeve, housed in thick red paper sleeve. Record includes folded lyric sheet, with “Omnibus Too For You Please” handwritten upon it (outside, does not show on lyric/photo side). Who knows who wrote it, or what it was supposed to mean, but it was definitely done during the cutting, folding, gluing of record covers and stuffing of them with records.” Who knows who wrote it indeed, Jeff Nelson. Maybe you did, before your memory was lost to the blissful august glow of dusty collector reverie? Anyway:

    This record is in absolutely mint condition, and has been kept in a plastic sleeve away from light and dust since it was made (almost 28 years now). The record has never been played. Good luck finding another copy in such pristine condition. This record is unconditionally guaranteed to be original, from 1981. It comes from my (Jeff Nelson – Minor Threat/Dischord Records) punk archives, which are being downsized after continuing to be described as “too big” and “insane” or “nothing my potential kids or grandkids will need extras of.” Please see my auction for lots of other punk/hardcore flyers and records as well as other jetsam I’ll be putting up for sale……

Also available: a Flex Your Head test pressing, currently holding steady at the extremely reasonable price of $258.99, and a Flipside fanzine from 1982 with an extensive Minor Threat interview “all about all about having gotten back together after disbanding when Lyle went off to college,” an interview he probably doesn’t need to keep or anything, since he was there. Ah, those really were the US $12.50 days, weren’t they…[h/t Walkie Talkies]

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