New York Murderfest Continues; Knife Slayings Up 50%


This weekend the weather was warm and soft, ripe bodies hit the pavement — 14 people were shot in one 24-hour period. This morning’s papers showed a bumper crop of corpses. NYPD crime lab tech Michelle Lee was found in her Queens apartment nude, bound, bludgeoned and stabbed in the neck. In Staten Island cops found a mummified corpse under the floorboards of a boarded-up Cedar Street apartment — locals had been complaining of a foul odor from thence since last summer. And Sunday Brooklyn livery driver Saleh Al-Muwallad, who had apparently become enamored of one of his frequent customers, Jessica Guidici, killed her and cut her up.

The NYPD reports that gun slayings were down last year — but fatal stabbings were up 50 percent. An NYPD spokesman told the Times, “It is hard to say with certainty what accounts for the increase.” Not so hard, actually — New Yorkers are both endlessly resourceful and increasingly stressed, and years of anti-gun fervor on the part of our mayors have made firearms harder to come by, except perhaps for professional criminals. So when the common people snap, they make do with what they’ve got. We look forward to the inevitable anti-knife legislation, and are practicing for the new era with plastic knives left over from deli lunches. It’s not a big transition, since we can no longer afford steak.