Paterson Greets Gay Marriage Demo; SSM Support Up Nationally (UPDATED)


A few thousand marriage equality supporters are in Albany today for an LGBT Equality and Justice Day demo. Governor Paterson, who is sponsoring a gay marriage bill in the state legislature — which assemblyman Danny O’Donnell says will go live* in the assembly on Monday — spoke to the group, criticizing marriage equality opponents “who pronounced religious doctrine” but “did not exercise it when young gay and lesbian students were being chastised for expressing their point of view” and “college students of gay and lesbian orientation were beaten and often brutalized for expressing their feelings for each other.” He added, “When you leave, Albany will have pride.” Meanwhile in D.C., about 150 protesters denounced the local government’s recognition of same-sex marriages, which gathering its organizer characterized as the launch of “the Armageddon of the marriage battle in this country.” Armageddon may not be going the way he thinks: a recent CBS/NYT poll shows support growing for gay marriage — now at 42 percent versus 33 percent a month earlier. Twitpic via HRCbackstory.

*Update 6:30 p.m. We originally said “go to the assembly,” but that wasn’t quite right — O’Donnell’s office tells us “live” means the gay marriage bill, which O’Donnell sponsors, will “have aged the appropriate number of days” — like fine wine! — to be available for a full floor vote — which is not scheduled. Well, see, we all learned something today.