Some More Drag Queen Names!


A few of these I stole from actual drag queens, while others were made up in the sequined closet of my mind. But wherever they were born, these super fun drag names are all tucked and pretty and begging to be ripped off by any lady with razor stubble.

Kitty Porn, Sue Veneer, Bessie Mae Mucho, Sybil Disobedience, Sybil Rights, Ethylene Glycol, Sharon DaWealth, Sally Forth, Polly Unsaturated, Beatrice Inn, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Terry Cloth, Meryl Lynch, Ruta Wakening, Val Kyrie, Mona Lott, and Merilee Werolla-Long.

And for the drag kings: Emil Nitrate, Euan Me, Evan Escent, Austin Texas, Al Jazeera, and of course Rock Bottom.