SOTC Naked People Day, Act III: Apparently Those Cops in the Matt and Kim’s “Lessons Learned” Video Weren’t Plants


Matt and Kim blew our minds last week with their video for “Lessons Learned,” an audacious, life-affirming sequence in which the joy-rock tour horses go streaking in Times Square. The spot’s tone is generally chaste–private parts were blurred, etc–but Matt and Kim are definitely naked. Thus, the two cops who swooped in for the video’s finale, one grabbing Matt and tossing him to the ground, the other yanking Kim pretty roughly by the arm, seemed like Fader-Label-funded plants because they ultimately let the couple go, which isn’t the sort of thing cops do to indecent people they want to stop being indecent. I mean, the last not-homeless guy who got press for streaking in “Times Bare” was hauled off to Bellevue. (Though he did barge into Tad’s Steakhouse, man bits in full glory, and jump on the counter–Kim just ran away skipping in socks.)

Enter the New York Post who very helpfully phoned up the video’s co-director Taylor Cohen, to discover that the gleeful, sprung-felon finale of “Lessons Learned” was something of a happy accident. “As soon as [Matt] Johnson was jumped, the crew flashed its film permit and the cops relented,” Cohen told the Post. The film permit, he admitted, was acquired with some paper-working sins of omission. “I wrote that they would be inappropriately dressed for the season.”

The rest of the story is here, but I specifically direct your attention to how the Post recaps “Lessons Learned” with perv-crime-scene language (“While they are eventually totally nude, the video blurs their genitalia and Schifino’s breasts”), yet makes an accompanying slideshow of comically grainy screenshots detailing their various states of undress. While thankful they got to the bottom of this story (that wasn’t a pun), I’m just left wondering: how did on earth the Post miss the Dim Mak porn?

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